WingX - IAP Routing

WingX Version 8 adds IAP Routing. IAP Routing enables pilots to select an Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) as well as the Initial Approach Fix (IAF) and WingX will add all the appropriate fixes to the route. This allows pilots to quickly select or change an IAP with the minimal amount of ‘heads down’ time.

WingX - New Weather Overlays

WingX Version 7.0 introduces Baron Services superb weather graphics and real-time weather information. WingX will overlay NEXRAD, IR and Visible Satellite, Surface Winds and many other weather products on WingX’s moving map in full screen or split screen. You can adjust the weather overlay’s transparency, its animation rate, and even the bandwidth required for the weather download – very handy when you have a slow Internet connection.

WingX - Route and Trail on Instrument Approach Charts

WingX can display your route and a trail of your last 10 minutes of flight on an Instrument Approach Chart. This significantly increases situational awareness essentially showing where you have been and where you are going. You can also use ChartTouch to add intersections or VORs to the route simply by tapping on the chart and WingX will automatically update the magenta route line.

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