April 19, 2024 – Hilton Software Wins the Aerospace and Flight Technologies Edison Gold Award for Terrain Sector Analysis

March 19, 2024 – Hilton Software Wins NGA Contract for Mobile Solutions and Data Development


Hilton Software is the market leader for general aviation navigation software. From the flight planning stage all the way to in-flight processes and arrival procedures, we constantly enhance our apps by adding the latest and most innovative navigation features.


Hilton Software is the prime contractor for the Department of Defense’s Aeronautical Mobile Application, used across U.S. agencies and foreign partners, supporting mission planning and flight safety among the war fighter. We also host time-sensitive critical data in the cloud, enabling users to download it quickly, reliably, and safely.


Hilton Software offers precise chart geo-referencing and other Aviation Data Services that include Airport Diagrams and Instrument Approach Procedures, chart supplements, airport information, and much more. We are experts in data design, development, compression and remote processing.


WingX Electronic Flight Bag

Plan and share flight routes, record flight details, proximity alarm and more.


"Really love this program. I took a four year hiatus from flying and got back into it again last year. I had the best of avionics including a Garmin 430. This program is really better in many respects and Only requires an iPad and a GPS transmitter. I'm only flying VFR now but could not have done the flights I have done in the busy northeast corridor weaving my way around different air spaces. It's a great GPS and has many many other functions that I don't really use. I love this program. Thank you."

Karl Rivers

"Excellent. Truly an outstanding electronic flight bag product! I am an instrument instructor for both ground school and flight coursework. Privately, as well as at a local organization. I am recommending this to everyone. Multiple overlays, intelligent – if sometimes counterintuitive – user interface, exceptional graphics. This makes flying easier and safer. I trust the data I am being shown. That should say all of it.''

Joey McFarland

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