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Introducing CFI Free!

CFI Free is our latest initiative to support the CFI community and to provide WingX Rewind, the best flight analysis tool on iPad, free to CFIs so that they can efficiently use the too-often neglected post-flight time to analyze, debrief and even playback an ILS approach, base-to-final turn, and DME arc in real-time right in WingX on your iPad for incredible flight analysis ability.


To get your free WingX subscription:

  • Scan your CFI Certificate
  • Send an email to with the subject on “CFI Free!” and attach your scanned CFI Certificate

Note: It may take 2-3 business days for your subscription to take effect (or more during the initial rollout). You will be emailed once we have set up your account.

Questions and Answers:

Is this a limited time offer?

No, but we reserve the right to terminate the CFI Free! initiative at any time.  Existing accounts will not be affected.

Will I get 'demo' subscriptions with limited functionality?

No. You will get the real WingX subscription, the Advanced IFR subscription, and the Synthetic Vision subscription.

I already have a WingX subscription, does this help me?

Yes. You will have the WingX subscription, the Advanced IFR subscription, and the Synthetic Vision subscription and when the year is up (and assuming we have not canceled or modified the ‘CFI Free!’ offering) you can extend the subscriptions for another year.

What will my expiration date be?

The expiration date for any subscription will be the later of your current expiration date and a date one year from the time we update your account with CFI Free!

Will I need to renew CFI Free! after one year?

Yes.  Just resend the email as described above.

With some EFB apps it seems like I have to pay for features such as terrain, obstacles, airport diagram geo-referencing or even simply being able to write on approach charts with a pencil. Do I have to pay extra for these features in WingX?

No. Again, your subscriptions will not be restricted. The WingX subscription includes Airport Diagram geo-referencing, terrain, obstacles, split screen, and many more features and yes even the pencil.

You released WingX Rewind that enables pilots to record and playback flights including pitch and bank if I have an AHRS-enabled device. Is WingX Rewind included in CFI Free!?

Yes – absolutely. In fact, all pilots get WingX Rewind as part of the base WingX subscription. WingX Rewind does not require some kind of ‘Pro’ upgrade.  A primary reason for our decision to start the CFI Free! initiative is to get WingX Rewind into the hands of CFIs because we believe WingX Rewind is such a fundamentally important technology for flight instruction.

Can we tell other CFIs about this?

Of course, help spread the word in forums, at your FBO, and feel free to forward this link.

Everything written on this page as well as the CFI Free promotion is subject to change at any time. Our plan is to continue to provide CFI Free indefinitely.

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